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B Login (You and B)B is a fresh digital banking service fusing a current and savings account via an easy to use app to manage. This brand was launched in 2016 and is the workings of CYBG Plc that is made up of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank. B is briefly noted on each site, but they then redirect over to This boasts a catchy and vibrant design built by Market Gravity who have worked with such brands as Argos, Barclays, Boots and Visa. B’s approach is to target the tech-savvy generation of banking customers. The current pays 0.25% up to £2000 whilst savings extends to 0.75%. There is a 2 working day grace period on overdrafts when overdrawn that is a nice touch.


Clydesdale Bank Login (CBOnline) @

Clydesdale Bank Login (CBOnline)The Clydesdale Bank was formed in Glasgow in the year 1838. They have over their history been the smallest of the big 3 Scottish Banks (RBS and BOS being the others). Their sister brand (Yorkshire) sits on their banking licence. Yorkshire is much more popular, but this is understandable considering the popularity gulf between England and Scotland. On the web they are identified as CBOnline whereas their partner in crime opts for YBOnline. Both brands have come together as CYBG Plc since the split from NAB. The main difference between the pair is seen in retail, but the products across each are matched. There was 120 branches here, but there has the recent announcement of 40 closures.


The Co-operative Bank Login @

The Co-operative Bank LoginThe Co-operative Bank has endured troubling times since the financial crisis hit. With heavy loses ever since it wasn’t a huge surprise to hear of the announcement of a proposed sale in February 2017. So far it appears that Santander, TSB and Virgin are the likely candidates for the acquisition. Co-op’s banking division is rooted to 1872, whilst the Group heads back to 1844. Consumer cooperatives are enterprises owned by consumers and this is the largest with 4.35 million active members. They have had upwards of 4500 locations, but there has been closures. Most people are familiar with their convenient local food stores that makes up 2500. As for banking, they had 324 branches, but now have around 95 left.


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