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Amigo Loans LoginAmigo Loans is the market leader in the guarantor loan space. This company was established in 2004 originally as FLM Loans, with the rebrand following in 2012. The founder was James Benamor who controls The Richmond Group who have released a few successful projects over the years. Non of which have however reached the dizzy heights of this guarantor powerhouse. The product delivers between £500 and £10,000 for up to 5 years. CCJs, defaults and self-employed are all ok so long as a backing can be found. Guarantors must be aged from 18 to 75 and have good credit. It helps if they are a homeowner, but tenant backings can still make the grade if their credit is tip-top.

If you were to borrow £1000 over a full year then the charge is competitive at £236.72. This is headed as variable and so you may be forced a little higher. The speed to payout is very fast here. The process can see a turnaround of just 24 hours assuming that the documents are completed online. When checking out their site we spotted that there was a link in the menu for Amigo Cars. The destination here is sent on to where car finance is available. They had previously used this project for smartphones, TVs etc. It remains to be seen whether they’ll try to go for The niche switch still however looks fresh.


Amigo’s guarantor loans have by far become the top market choice now with 250,000 active customers. Getting to the market early, continual innovations and nationwide TV ad campaigning has made it difficult for competitors to get a look in. In our top 100 loan comparison they took an 8th overall ranking that really is impressive considering the limited demand of this niche. The closest guarantor firm was Future Finance, but they focus on student-only low rate contracts. The competitors follow as Bamboo, George Banco and UK Credit. We were surprised that TrustTwo didn’t perform better. This is from the same team as Everyday Loans. Then there is Provident’s GLO who have now stopped taking applications.


The Amigo Loans login portal at enables quick early settlements. When doing this you just need to remember to cancel the direct debit held with your bank. Through Amigo’s login you can also view your statements, update your details etc. For fresh applicants they give or links to hand on to guarantors so that they can agree to the process online to enable a speedy turnaround (we can remember a time when forms had to go through the post). The opening hours for applicants are Monday to Thursday (9am/8pm), Friday (9am/6pm) and Saturday (10am/4pm). The times for existing customers differ as Mon/Thu (8am/8pm), Fri (9am/6pm) and Sat (9am/1pm).

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Amigo Online Loans Login Rank: #8

Niche: Guarantor (#1).

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