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Aqua Login (Aqua Card)The Aqua card was launched back in 2002 and they have accepted 750,000 people to date. The owner is NewDay Ltd. This MasterCard is available under the Advance, Classic, Reward or the Start. Aqua Classic has a 35.9% rate with limits of £250 to £1200. The Advance and Reward editions come in a smidge lower at 34.9% APR and these also have key added features. You get 0.5% cashback with Reward (up to £100 per annum) and the notable Advance reduces by 5% each year for a period of 3 years (potential 19.9%). Start (49.9%) is for those that wish to rebuild their rating on smaller limits of £100 to £300. All noted rates are variable. You’ll be declined for bankruptcy within 18 months or a CCJ in the past year.


Capital One and Vanquis are commanding most of the market share in the subprime credit card niche. Each of these have a user base in the millions that shows that it is going to be challenging for this brand to surpass them. NewDay however has huge potential in the years ahead. It became clear that they were a name to watch out for when they acquired Santander UK’s store card business that has brought in a collective portfolio of 4 million customer accounts. They have been advertising this brand on TV and they also recently launched Marbles in May 2015. They do own another brand called Opus although new applications are closed for this particular option. To really take it to their rivals, they really need to promote their Advance product more aggressively. The potential 19.9% rate is the cheapest deal available in the subprime sector.


The Aqua login is managed on a subdomain of They have named this facility as MyAquaCard. Here you can view transactions, make payments, register for eStatements, set up a Direct Debit and you can also securely contact them once logged in. On the topic of contact, there is no reference to the times that their team operates across. When we however checked over their Marbles website they did list times there that you would expect to be matched here. The listings were Monday and Friday (8am to 9pm), Saturday (9am to 5pm) and Sunday (10am to 6pm). It is good to see that they are trading 7/7. Applications should be processed quickly, but it’ll take up to 14 days to receive your new credit card.

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