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B Login (You and B)B is a fresh digital banking service fusing a current and savings account via an easy to use app to manage. This brand was launched in 2016 and is the workings of CYBG Plc that is made up of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank. B is briefly noted on each site, but they then redirect over to This boasts a catchy and vibrant design built by Market Gravity who have worked with such brands as Argos, Barclays, Boots and Visa. B’s approach is to target the tech-savvy generation of banking customers. The current pays 0.25% up to £2000 whilst savings extends to 0.75%. There is a 2 working day grace period on overdrafts when overdrawn that is a nice touch.


To check up on how was currently performing, we headed over to Alexa and this site had a UK rank of around 39,000. This positions them between Unity Trust and C. Hoare & Co. They are far out of reach of the big banks, but this should change over time. They have certainly been advertising considerably across the first few months of 2017. In targeting mobile banking, Barclays and Lloyds have generally been leading the charge and it may prove tricky to muscle in on their territory. Whilst only banking is targeted here, if you head over to Clydesdale or Yorkshire you’ll be able to find a low rate 3% APR loan.


There is no You and B login for desktop. You can manage through CBOnline or YBOnline, but the key features of the app won’t be made available. You need to sign up for internet and telephone banking and so wherever you do this (Clydesdale/Yorkshire) would likely be the place that the desktop management will be applicable to (rather than each). As for the app, the feedback on Apple and Google was positive. There have been a few tweaks required as they have developed, but in time it’ll only get better. Some reviewers queried about a potential Touch ID upgrade. You can contact B’s team for free on 0800 121 7365. This is a 24/7 line.

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You and B Online Banking Login Rank: NA.

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