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Bank of Scotland LoginBank of Scotland was established in 1695 (making them one of the UK’s oldest). BOS as they are often known is today part of the Lloyds Banking Group Plc. The Lloyds deal went through in 2009. Halifax (who are much larger) operates as a subsidiary. The number of banking branches had come in at just under 300, but there have been closures (23 recent and more may follow). Their entire network is based up north, but they do open up their products to the entire UK. It was common to see less competitive deals here, but from checking on their loan just now this had the same 3.6% rate as the core brand (Halifax’s was 3.5% though).


There has been a long running rivalry with RBS for Scottish dominance. If you head back to the very early years the pair were intent on driving each other out of business. Royal has historically been dominant, but when we compared banking logins it was that managed a higher ranking than At the same time, you also have Clydesdale on each of their tails. Clydesdale has been progressing well since they parted ways with NAB. The chance of challenging their fellow LBG brands is not going to happen, but they may have a shot at Nationwide. TSB may be too far out of bounds based on the excellent deals we have seen on that side.


Both Halifax and Lloyds opt to serve their logins on external sites, but this isn’t the case here, with the BOS login being taken on the main site on the specific subdomain of This portal is designed the same way as the other LBG properties and so it is top notch enabling credit card and loan management. This is a great banking choice for Scottish residents, but otherwise it would be best to go with Halifax/Lloyds for their branch networks. The internet banking helpdesk line here is 0345 602 0000 that is available 24/7. For current accounts they list 0345 721 3141 that is 24/7 for existing customers or 7/7 for new applicants.

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BOS Online Banking Login Rank: #9.

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