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Barclays LoginThe rich history of Barclays really helps them to stand out in the world of banking. Their story began in 1690 through founders John Freame and Thomas Gould. The current name became associated in 1736 when James Barclay joined the firm (he had married Freame’s daughter). NatWest is older, but this is only when counting past merges that under the Smith’s Bank of Nottingham heads back to 1658. This banking giant has 48 million customers spread across 50 countries. There are 7000 branches worldwide. They have had 1600 branches in the UK, but there have been plans to close 400 of these. Locally, there are 22 million retail customers and almost 1 million business clients.


Just to look at their global performance compared to fellow British groups, Barclays Plc ranks 2nd for total assets (trailing HSBC) and for market cap takes the 3rd position. It doesn’t make much sense to compare retail since many of the big players are now closing down their extensive chains. For day-to-day banking we recently compared login market share where they ranked 5th. The positions came in as 1) Lloyds, 2) HSBC, 3) Santander and 4) Halifax. It is worth highlighting though that is still a top 100 visited site in the UK. Of those noted, Santander has generally been their main competitor in recent years. HSBC and Lloyds may prove too tricky to overtake anytime soon.


Similar to HSBC and Santander, a single site is used for promotion and logins. The Barclays login is served on the subdomain of For credit cards there is a dedicated Barclaycard login over at Existing customers can apply for cards through their online banking though. Customer support is available here 24/7 on 0345 600 2323. There are various different numbers and times for other products. Credit cards is their product line of note. The Barclaycard comes in various forms with enticing 0% offers. The Platinum line currently delivers a 37 month balance transfer offer. You can go 24 months with no fee whilst another sees 25 months on purchases. The Barclayloan is packaged at 4.9% APR.

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Barclays Online Banking Login Rank: #5.

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