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Capital One Login (Capital One Online)Capital One arrived in Britain in 1996 and their local Nottingham HQ was later opened in 1997. This American company (based in Virginia) is rooted to 1988. The subprime market has been their primary focus through their Classic MasterCard. This is pitched at 34.9% APR and it grants £200 to £1500. This is their most popular card that has been served 4 million customers. Acceptance requires some borrowing history even if there has been past CCJs or defaults. It is also important to be listed on the electoral roll. On viewing their current range, they display the Classic and the Balance Plus. This latter offering requires an excellent profile rating, you must be aged at least 21 and have an income above £20,000. The APR is higher than expected at 19.9%, but there are no transfer fees and the transfer rate is low.


The noted user tally covers their Classic customers. There has been a few other past cards such as Aspire and so their total user base should be a little higher. Regardless, their British operation is dwarfed by their global customer base that surpasses 40 million. Here in the UK they have faced fierce competition in the subprime sector. Their key rival has been Provident’s Vanquis, although Aqua has been a rising name in the past few years. Vanquis has accepted over 2.5 million people. They also underwrite credit cards for Argos and Granite that are always Visa editions. On this side, Luma is a partner and MasterCards are always issued.


The primary local site is Whilst the Capital One login badge is displayed here, customers are sent across to This facility has been designed well enabling the user to set up Direct Debits and email alerts. They can make balance transfers, payments and run through past transactions. They underwrite the Luma cards that are also managed through this website. The customer support hours are listed as being live 24 hours a day. It is assumed that this is in fact 24/7 that isn’t available through any of their competitors. If you do need to contact them, then you can do this securely once logged in and selecting Account Maintenance.

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