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Market Share Data: ⚡ Top 40 Banks | Top 100 Loans


Market Share: Online Loans

ZopaOnline banking was studied in the initial comparison where we got a taster of where the British public was flocking for current accounts, overdrafts, personal loans and various other financial products. For this submission we have switched across to cover online loans outside of banking. Good and bad credit loan providers have been fused together that has enabled us to compose a top 100 loan list. As always, we have looked to to uncover the current UK traffic stats. Unlike banks that often shift logins to external sites, just 3 of the 100 did this here. All of the data was collected on the 27th March 2017. Regular updates will follow.


Market Share: Online Banking

Lloyds BankLloyds is pictured after charting this first comparison covering online banking market share. Any bank (or building society) has been listed that offers a current account to UK residents (not those with prepaid cards or mobile-only managed). The rankings displayed are taken from UK ranks (not global) are shown. This means that visits are only counted from local IPs. Sorting is applied to the banking site where the login is housed. Some banks provide these portals externally, whilst others just use a single address, usually on a subdomain. All of the rankings were checked on the 25th March 2017. Actual ranks change on a daily basis and so we’ll aim to run frequent updates to keep the data fresh.


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