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Twitter LoginTwitter’s group of founders were Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass. The concept itself was drafted by Jack Dorsey who now serves as CEO. Evan Williams will be recognisable to many as the man behind the Blogger platform that was acquired by Google back in 2003. The formation of Twitter came in March 2006 with the launch following in July. Often thought of as “The SMS of the Internet”, this leading microblogging platform processes brief 140-character messages known as tweets. In the modern day has emerged to become the 9th most visited website, with more than 500 million users signed up, of which 332 million are active.


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Facebook LoginMark Zuckerberg’s social media juggernaut was established in February 2004. The original domain used was and in 2005 they dropped “The” and switched to Securing this new domain was not easy and it took a $200,000 purchase to acquire it (£140,000). The old site now just redirects. Exclusive membership was initially accessible to Harvard students, that later expanded to Stanford, Yale etc. Then in September 2006 anyone aged at least 13 could join. A major milestone saw Facebook’s billionth user marked in October 2012. There are now 1.5 billion active users. Whilst headed in Menlo Park, California, they have 49 offices worldwide. Other subsidiaries include Instagram, Oculus VR, PrivateCore and WhatsApp.


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POF LoginThis Canadian dating giant’s story began in Markus Frind’s apartment in 2003. They are well known as Plenty of Fish, but they branded themselves as PlentyOfFish and now more recently as POF. Several years back was the world’s most visited dating website, with 90 million registered users of which 3.6 million people logged on daily and they managed to build 1 million relationships every year. It was stated that 80% of usage on PlentyOfFish took place via phones. Step forward to today and they have now surpassed 100 million members and are now owned by IAC. This is through IAC’s Match Group department that includes such brands as OkCupid, Match and Tinder amongst others.


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Tsu LoginTsu (styled as Tsū) was launched in October 2013. Behind this fresh brand is Evacuation Complete Llc and founder Sebastian Sobczak. The domain used here is It is surprising that they didn’t try to buy the (.com) since this only has a parked page with ads. This venture that is headed in New York City has enjoyed impressive traction, already notching up a global Alexa rank just above 5000. The reason behind this rapid growth revolves around their service USP. Here you get paid for your interaction and for the interaction of those that you refer to the site. They take a small 10% share and pay out the rest to their users.


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Ello LoginEllo is a fresh player in the social networking space. This company was formed by Paul Budnitz back in March 2014. They operate from the address of This TLD wasn’t likely their first choice, but other major extensions were taken. This company has received plenty of media attention since arriving on the scene and they have grown quickly. It didn’t take them long to surpass 1 million members and there was 3 million on their waiting list back when they were invite only. There is no data on their current user tally. They are now open to all and we have seen plenty of hype in the media that 2016 could be their breakthrough year.


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