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Drafty LoginThe Drafty loans arrived in July 2016 after the owner (Lending Stream) had piloted the project throughout 2015. Whilst the Lending Stream service is packaged at 6 months, you’ll be receiving a line of credit here. This means that from a determined limit you’ll be able to request any amount up to that limit 24/7. Drafty’s rate of daily interest is just 0.18%. This translates on £100 borrowed as £1.26 over 7 days or £5.40 over 30. This value is great, but they are going to turn away those with low scores. The minimum wage is £1250 (Stream’s is £400). The limit itself is set between £50 and £3000 with a future top-up of £5000.


A line of credit is a fresh concept here in the UK. The trend has flowed in from the United States through lenders like Speedy Cash. The local LOC options as it stands include MyKredit and SafetyNet Credit. Both options accept subprime scored applications. The award winning SafetyNet service has enjoyed huge traction in recent years. They stand out for their overdraft protection feature that kicks in when you head into the red. It would be more likely that Drafty’s aim is more aligned with taking business away from the big banks. The banks of course thrive on the profits generated from those that live in their overdraft. This as you know gets expensive, especially when unauthorised borrowing is triggered.


The Drafty login housed at is where you’ll be able to initiate speedy transfers 24/7. The starting limit will as noted be set somewhere up to £3000. Much smaller draws can however be requested. On that first draw you’ll need to request at least £50, but when returning this drops to £20. The payments are sent out without needing to be approved, but should there ever be any problems then you can reach their support 7/7. The times are matched daily between the hours of 7am and 10pm. Advertising has started to pick up for this brand, but they could really do with a TV ad campaign that we have seen with Lending Stream.

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Niche: Prime (#9).

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