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Ello LoginEllo is a fresh player in the social networking space. This company was formed by Paul Budnitz back in March 2014. They operate from the address of This TLD wasn’t likely their first choice, but other major extensions were taken. This company has received plenty of media attention since arriving on the scene and they have grown quickly. It didn’t take them long to surpass 1 million members and there was 3 million on their waiting list back when they were invite only. There is no data on their current user tally. They are now open to all and we have seen plenty of hype in the media that 2016 could be their breakthrough year.


Simple, beautiful and ad-free is headlined. This is the first ad-free alternative to Facebook, Twitter and the likes. As well as not showing advertisements they are looking to attract loyalty through their approach to privacy. They’ll never sell user data on to third parties and they don’t even enforce a real-name policy. There has been several debates on whether this can be the Facebook Killer. FB are naturally always seen as the top target since they are way ahead of the competition, with more than 1.5 billion active members. When you inspect this website you’ll see that they are however more aligned to Tumblr, where there is a heavy focus on imagery and reblogging.


It just takes a minute to signup. Once the Ello login is initially entered, building up a profile is attractive to anyone weary on privacy as they don’t display your name or even your location. There is no need to follow users or comment on images shared, but this is a good way to build relationships. There is also the Community Directory to seek out those with similar interests. The interface is clean and simple, but the homepage can be overbearing with gifs jumping out. This emerging brand was developed through the aid of venture capital funding. Can they thrive without ads? To date, they are selling branded t-shirts and the introduction of premium paid features is a possibility.

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