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Lending Stream LoginLending Stream is one of the heavyweight 6 month loan lenders. The brand has been operating since 2008 and it is today controlled by Global Analytics Holdings Inc who are based in San Diego. This loan product has a fixed 6 month repayment, but you can freely settle early. Cash is accessible for new applicants from £50 up to £800 and a much larger amount of £1500 can be obtained on re-loans. There was a time when they operated 24/7, but this has now been cut down as Monday to Sunday from 7am to 10pm. They do claim to still process 24/7 payments that would cover their signed up customers only.


This brand that notably holds multiple trade association memberships (BCCA and CCTA) commands a high level of web popularity, primarily as a result of extensive TV ad campaigning. Big ad spends are also employed online through Facebook, Google AdWords etc. Pounds to Pocket would certainly be their main competitor. Pounds to Pocket invests even more than this company does in advertising. It is difficult for many companies to compete with them since they operate 24/7 and offer highly flexible terms. Provident’s Satsuma Loans is yet another big name progressing well. Since the FCA imposed payday loan capping, many monthly firms have moved into the instalment loan space. This has brought further challenges in the battle for market share.


Through the Lending Stream login at you can initiate an early settlement if you don’t need funds for the full 6 month term. As was mentioned above, payments are sent 24/7 and so existing customers can benefit from a speedy service as well that potential £1500 sum. Those applying for the first time shouldn’t see a big delay since they don’t close up each night until 10pm. There was a sister-company called Zebit whereby you could access funds either direct or loaded on to a pre-paid card. This service was closed, but on a recent visit it has relaunched, but this time they offer financial tools.

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Lending Stream Online Loans Login Rank: #9

Niche: Instalment (#4).

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