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Likely Loans LoginLikely Loans was the 2014 rebrand of GuarantorUs who had started out in 2012. It was the guarantor loan niche that they targeted, but this is no longer the case (no backing required). They do still focus on poor credit though. The owner (Oakbrook Finance Ltd) has recently invested in TV advertising that has really boosted the popularity of this fresh brand. There are now 30,000 customers that is an impressive tally considering that high value contracts are drawn up between £1000 and £5000 across the range of 12 to 36 months. At application stage you can type the specific loan sum required to the exact pound that is a nice touch on the flexibility side.


Whilst this company has been making notable gains there are still a fair number of lenders that are attracting more site visits. Many of the big instalment firms now target 12 month borrowing such as Sunny and MyJar. Their full year prices are always expensive though. As far as actual bad credit personal loan lenders goes (who lend for a few years) it would be AvantCredit, Everyday Loans and On Stride Financial who’ll be seen as their immediate competition. Likely’s star quality since launch has been competitive value. As it stands, £1000 per year comes in at £278. In subprime, this is one of the cheapest no guarantor required loan deals around.

It should be added though that there has been a recent price hike. Just a month before this submission they charged £228.32 and so they have added around £50 on. Any price below £300 is still good market value though as there are many lenders that ask for as much as £1000. It is notable that the eligibility requirements are relaxed here. They do consider poor credit and just ask for some past borrowing activity on your record. Their objective is to send the money on the next working day, but there can be delays at application stage where there will usually be a final checks notice. This is expected on high value contracts with no security.


The Likely Loans login has only recently been integrated to For some time this facility had been sporting a coming soon notice. This has since changed with the login button taking users on to It is stated that this portal is only available to customers who had a loan after the 27th January 2016. Customers can change their payment date, view their summary or check if they’re eligible for additional borrowing. To settle early you’d need to call them between Monday and Friday (8am to 8pm). This lender’s Feefo page scores at 4.9/5 from 7300 reviews. Many of which have been flowing in recently and so we expect their Alexa rank to shoot up over the year.

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