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MBNA Login (Bank Card Services)MBNA was formed back in 1982. They have been owned by Bank of America since 2006. They had arrived in the UK in 1993 and today have more than 5 million local customers. There are plenty of MBNA credit cards headed at Some of these carry their own branding, but in general most of the options are affinity cards that they issue for airlines, charities and football clubs. Of their core products, their highest balance transfer period is for 39 months. Most people would likely head to their All Round option since this offers free interest for the first 20 months on purchases as well as 20 months on balance and money transfers.


The available 39 month balance transfer deal shows that they are competing aggressively, especially since the market’s longest transfer period is 40 months. Whilst the major banks could be considered as key competitors, it is really the affinity space where they are really aiming to be the dominant force. Their main contender here is Creation. Lenders like Capital One and Vanquis offer similar programs, by they are targeting subprime audiences. If we take the example of their football credit cards, they issue for all of the top Premier League sides including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd. Creation issues for Everton and West Brom, with their other teams playing in the Championship including Fulham, Sheffield Wednesday and Wolves.


The MBNA login is used by all customers including those who have signed up with their partners. This facility is not served at their main site (, but on Bank Card Services at Once logged in all of the usual functions are in place such as viewing statements, making payments, setting up Direct Debits etc. There is a notice that you can now request credit limit increases and so this looks to be a recent upgrade. New approved limits will be available immediately. We could spot no contact times on both websites. There were however times listed on their Facebook page as Monday to Friday (9am/8pm) and Saturday to Sunday (9am/5pm).

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