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Metro Bank Login (Metro Bank Online)Metro Bank was formed back in 2010 by the American entrepreneur Vernon Hill. This launch marked them as the first high street bank to arrive in 100 years. Their branch network currently stands at 39 with most of these being located in London or just outside. Expansion plans are set for the future that should help this brand to build customers in the millions (the current count is 500,000). To qualify for their financial products (credit cards, loans etc) you will need to hold their current account and this must be opened in-branch. On topic of the noted products, they have a single APR for each (cards: 13%, loans: 5.9%).


It is never going to be easy for new starters, especially when the big players are so experienced. Lloyds Bank for instance celebrated their 250 year in operation back in 2015. A well suited competitor at this time would be Co-op’s Smile who themselves have 500k customers. Whether they’ll have their eye on Smile or one of the bigger retail banks, it will be critical for them to focus on expansion. One thing that differentiates them to most of the competition is that they open their branches on Sundays. If they were to spread across the UK you could certainly see them gathering market traction. What could go against this is their product exclusivity to current account holders.


As noted, qualification requires a bank account to be opened in person. If you do this during the week they are open between 8am and 8pm. All Saturday times are 8am to 6pm and finally Sunday is 11am to 5pm. There is no ability to apply through, but you can receive guidance on what needs to be taken to them. Once joined up you can take advantage of their internet banking facility through the Metro Bank login. There are various guides provided to help get you started up. A nice touch is that if you do have any problems then you can quickly get hold of their support advisors 24/7.

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Metro Online Banking Login Rank: #16.

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