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Mr Lender LoginMr Lender launched as a monthly payday loan provider back in 2009. This brand is controlled by PDL Finance that is owned by Adam Freeman. Apprentice fans may recall the hype surrounding his decision to pull out shortly before starting the show. This made media headlines since Alan Sugar had a pop that he had bottled it! This would turn out to be the right decision, with the formation of Mr Lender following soon after that has been a highly profitable business venture. The product started as a monthly offering, but it has adapted to deliver greater flexibility between 1 and 6 months. Anyone can access cash loans ranging from £100 to £1000.


This Loughton-based subprime firm has enjoyed impressive traction over the years, although they haven’t quite troubled the likes of QuickQuid and Wonga. Both of these lenders spend considerable amounts on TV advertising that is critical to mainstream success. In recent years, Peachy, Satsuma Loans and Sunny are emerging brands who themselves have advertised on the box. Some lenders that hold a similar level of popularity are Swift Sterling and WageDayAdvance. Swift Sterling have taken the same approach in changing a monthly service to an instalment offering. As the case here, this is the result of industry capping and so the aim is to keep users on longer agreements for added profits.


The design of has taken on a few revamps over the years. A Mr Lender login facility has always been equipped. One of the key service features in place here sees loan payouts issued 7 days a week. Customer support hours run between Monday and Friday (8am/6pm) and Saturday to Sunday (8am/3.30pm). It is notable that even first time applicants can access £1000 same day loans on Sundays. There was a time when this product was expensively packaged. Per month you paid £30/£100 interest as well as a £7 admin fee and £10 if you wanted same day funding. In comparison, you’ll now pay no more than £24/£100 for a single month.

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