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Pounds to Pocket LoginPounds to Pocket was the first lending brand to offer sizeable same day loans for bad credit. They had started out in 2010 and enjoyed impressive early traction through mainstream advertising. Back then of course it was tricky to obtain quick funding with a low rated score. The guarantor firms were much slower then and Everyday Loans required face-to-face interviews. There are many options today for quick turnarounds, but P2P remains one of the most popular choices. The charges do come at a premium. You can get a much cheaper loan at On Stride Financial if your credit isn’t too bad. On Stride is the latest project within this same group who count QuickQuid as their core operation.

Enova International Inc is now the controlling owner (through the CashEuroNet UK subsidiary) after Enova was spun off from Cash America International Inc. Cash America now just focus on retail lending Stateside. The Pounds to Pocket LoanBuilder as it’s called today at launch carried a fixed 12 month term although early settlements could be made. The options are now there to choose between 6 and 12. One change that hasn’t been for the better has been the switch from operating 24/7 to 7/7. We have however seen 24/7 cutbacks also take place at Lending Stream and Wonga. The available borrowing sums here are £200 and £2000. There is no noted first time user cap, but one would be expected.


This lender doesn’t quite command the market share that they once had. For instalments where they target at 6 months, there are several big competitors. Most of which spend vast sums on the ad front. One key competitor has been the Lending Stream. Then you have the likes of MyJar, Satsuma and WageDayAdvance. Their niche rank is improved over a year where they took the 5th best spot. Just behind them lies The Money Shop who they’ll need to keep an eye on. Just on pricing, a Pounds to Pocket 12 month loan would come in at £907.40 per £1000. You can get a small discount as a new customer though using their 2017 offer code (5SOC).


The ease and speed to payout is a big plus point of this popular firm. Once those speedy funds have arrived you’ll soon be able to manage your loan through the Pounds to Pocket login. Once logged in here you’ll be able to check over your statement, make payments and more recently they have listed a Top-Up feature. What happens here is that if you qualify for more funding then the existing loan will be rolled into a new one rather than a top-up itself of the original contract. Customer service is available over extended times 7/7. Their working week hours are 8am to 9pm and then 10am to 6.30pm is seen on both weekend days.

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Pounds to Pocket Online Loans Login Rank: #14

Niche: Instalment (#9), Personal (#5).

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