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Privacy Policy

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This is a newly devised project that topics the login facilities provided by a range of UK services mostly involved in financial markets. As well as providing basic profiling, users can study similar rival sites that should help to identify whether they are getting the best deal where they are currently signed up.

This privacy policy will be built up over time. Its purpose is to inform all visitors on the information that we collect and how we use this. Only analytics and third party ads data is currently collected and so these will be discussed further below.

Any tracking undertaken will involve cookies. A cookie is a tiny piece of data that attaches itself to every incoming visitor’s computer. In marking the IP address, the interaction of that user is then followed.


This website was built on the WordPress platform. There are various plugins that we add on creation. One of these is from StatCounter who provide web analytics. Once some basic details have been issued to them, their tracking will begin instantly. We’ll be able to see how many visitors we are receiving each day and where these people are coming from that commonly tends to arise from search engines such as Bing and Google. A wider scope of stats does become available, although not all of these may be of interest to us to study. We could for instance view lists of our most visited pages, see the market share of browsers used or screen sizes. It is really the total number of visitors that is checked over frequently here. As well as performance, for administration purposes we can check that our server is live and we can also mark any troublesome IPs.

Third Party Ads:

Advertisements are displayed across the site. We have strictly used Google AdSense who provide matched ads based on the content theme. Compensation helps to cover such costs as advertising, content development, domain fees, hosting fees, paid plugins and so on. Cookies are operating as above, marking and following users. Google uses the Doubleclick DART cookie to serve ads across the AdSense network. You can find further info regarding the DART cookie at Doubleclick as well as opt out options on Google’s Privacy Page.


You have full control over how cookies track. Changes can be made to this from the settings of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc). You could completely block them if you wish to do so. This isn’t always recommended as it can cause problems with how many websites function. Shopping carts for instance need them to be working correctly. Remembering your login data on sites like Facebook and Twitter is one example of how they do help you. If switched off, you’d have to enter your details again each time.


Our contact page displayed in the top menu section has been created so that you can send any queries relating to privacy issues. You may just wish to send general feedback or put forward any corrections on the content that you view. This privacy policy page will be built up as we age. Should any changes be made to the way in which info is collected here then this page will be corrected straight away.

Thanks, Admin.