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QuickQuid LoginQuickQuid emerged as one of the top payday lenders soon after reaching the space in 2007. They gathered traction through nationwide TV ad campaigning and high search engine rankings helped to boost their market share further. It naturally helped that their owner (Cash America International) had bags of capital and previous sector experience through their network of 1000+ payday loan stores across America. More recently, Enova International (a group subsidiary) has been branched off and they now control this company. This was their initial project in the UK that would later be joined by Pounds to Pocket and then On Stride Financial. No data surrounds current market share, but for short term loans only Wonga has a bigger web popularity and social media following.


The main competitor in their earlier years was PaydayUK who are a fellow American-owned firm. The greater challenge these days arises from Wonga who primarily differs in offering shorter repayments within the month. Each however shares the same 2007 launch year alongside the key service feature in providing 24/7 customer service. QuickQuid loans grant up to £1000 for new customers and £1500 for returning customers. You can choose a 1, 2 or 3 month pay period to spread the cost. Promo codes have always been available that has helped to improve the value particularly for a single month. The problem with picking 3 months is that the interest is fixed across the complete term, whereas other companies usually reduce the interest charges when you borrow for longer.


A QuickQuid login has been provided (to our knowledge) since launch. Once logged in the user can access new funds at any time including on Sundays. The benefit of 24/7 support ensures that there will always be a fast turnaround, even if an application needs to be checked over. Some time back there was a secondary product called FlexCredit that started flexible, but it then took on a fixed repayment of 10 months. Account servicing was provided on the main site and also on for this. This service has now been closed down. For longer term solutions you can however simply opt with On Stride or Pounds to Pocket.

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QuickQuid Online Loans Login Rank: #6

Niche: Payday (#2), Instalment (#3).

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