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Sunny LoginSunny’s roots lie in the 1 Month Loan company that had been in business since 2004. The owner of that brand was Fortress Group (UK) Ltd who would later be sold on to America’s Think Finance. Think Finance has since become Elevate Credit Inc. This new ownership inspired a rebrand that would follow in 2013. It’s always tricky to start over and challenge the majors, but there has been an empty chequebook here with TV and web advertising. This ad push plus favourable search engine rankings has worked wonders for Sunny’s growth in recent years. This is now their sole trading in the UK, but they had previously also operated as Quid that has now been discontinued.


The repayment term here is set by the level of required funding. The cycle runs as: £100 to £1000 (6m), £1100 to £1500 (7m), £1600 to £2000 (9m) and £2100 to £2500 (14m). The interest rate drops as you increase the period. There are now many companies crammed into the instalment sector, but the biggest hitters are Lending Stream, Pounds to Pocket and Satsuma Loans. This trio are all seen on TV and so they do have notable market profiles. The standard £300 charge over 6 months here is priced at £299.64. With the Sunny promo code (SUNNY10) applied we see a reduction to £266.22. Just type SUNNY10 into the application promo area and it’ll then validate after a few seconds.


The key feature of the Sunny loans login is the ability to initiate an early settlement. You could do this after a single month if this was your wish. This feature improves flexibility, although we’re not sure why they don’t just enable shorter repayments at application stage. If there is a problem with your repayment being a bit late then they charge no late payment fees that is a feature of mote. There is lots of positive feedback over on Trustpilot that is always important to see. Sunny’s support staff can also be reached 7 days a week. The full opening hours are Monday to Thursday (8.30am/7pm), Friday (8am/5pm) and Saturday to Sunday (10am/3.30pm).

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Sunny Online Loans Login Rank: #5

Niche: Instalment (#2), Personal (#1).

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