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Swift Sterling LoginSwift Sterling is a payday loan company that has been trading since the year 2010. Their Malta-based owner (the Northway Group) lends in Britain through this brand and also through Pounds Till Payday. Each shares matched product characteristics, but this service in focus is more popular despite being much newer (the first project arrived in 2006). The reasons for this variation relates to advertising and social media. The loans available were monthly, but the structure has changed so that the customer now pays over instalments. The specific terms are not shared, but 4 months is used in their representative example. The cash sums on offer are £100 to £200 for new applicants. Return users could access £1000, but this has recently increased to £1500.


This is one of the top 10 most popular 10 lenders in the UK. They are some way behind the majors such as QuickQuid and Wonga. Taking market share away from big names like this would require TV ad campaigning and top search engine rankings. A few companies that hold a similar level of popularity to them are 247Moneybox and WageDayAdvance. Now that the product has morphed into an instalment offering, they are now directly competing with prominent firms such as Lending Stream, Peachy and Sunny. Pounds to Pocket is really the big name though. They offer great flexibility (6 to 12 months) that can also be cleared early and they also trade 24/7. The opening times here are Monday to Friday (8am/7pm) and Saturday (8am/5pm).


There was previously a procedure in place whereby all new applicants had to follow up with a telephone call during their opening hours that are listed above. Now that no calls are required the process has been speeded up, assuming that no document requests are made. On payout everyone can then take advantage of the Swift Sterling login that is attached to The benefit with sticking around here is that on re-loans the available cash sums are as noted bumped up to £1500. Over at Pounds Till Payday there used to be issues with their account servicing, but this has now been fixed on that side.

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Swift Sterling Online Loans Login Rank: #52

Niche: Non.

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