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Tesco Bank LoginFamed as the world’s 3rd largest retailer by profit and the UK’s market leading supermarket chain with a 28% share. Sainsbury’s have 16.5% and Asda sit just below 16%. Asda have not adapted well to the web with no banking division unlike the 2 big hitters. Tesco’s history in retail takes us to 1919. The banking operation was established in partnership with RBS in 1997 (in contrast to J Sainsbury using BOS). The full stake has since been acquired. As expected, they are trading very successfully and now have 7.8 million customers. A range of products are pitched that score well on quality, although they haven’t been quite as ruthless in the pricing wars as their supermarket rival.


If we take the example of their personal loan the current best rate was set at 3.3% (or 3.5% with no Clubcard). Sainsbury’s rate on the other hand dropped to 2.8% (Nectar) or 2.9% without. This ties them with TSB who also come in at 2.8% (you can’t get lower than this in the UK today). When checking over Tesco’s current account there was a notice of “To ensure we can serve our existing customers we are pausing applications for new accounts.” This was a concern, but we expect things to be back on track soon. Just how well do they perform compared to rival banks on market share? Their initial rank in testing was 11th.

They just missed out on that top 10 by being ousted by HSBC’s First Direct. It is the big banks that stand ahead. The chance of taking them on is tricky since much of their focus is aligned with groceries, whilst the banks are mostly focussed on their core market. The pause on applications shows that they may just have peaked just below 8 million. As for the competitors that could muscle in on their territory, Virgin Money will be an interesting competitor to monitor and RBS could always make a big comeback. One such competitor that won’t be raising much of a challenge is The Co-operative who are attracting huge losses and are now seeking a sale.


The Tesco Bank login (housed at has been developed to a high standard. They enable the management of credit cards and personal loans through this portal. There has also been lots of praise for their mobile app. One area where they aren’t quite on top is with speed on loan contracts. Unlike some banks that offer e-sign, documents will need to be posted here. They’ll arrive in 5 days, but there is a sneaky add-on option of next day courier for £50. For credit cards and current accounts, their advisors are available 24/7, but online banking is trimmed to 8am/10pm (7/7). The line is 0345 835 3353 for current account queries and 0345 300 3511 (desktop and mobile banking).

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Tesco Online Banking Login Rank: #11.

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