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The Co-operative Bank LoginThe Co-operative Bank has endured troubling times since the financial crisis hit. With heavy loses ever since it wasn’t a huge surprise to hear of the announcement of a proposed sale in February 2017. So far it appears that Santander, TSB and Virgin are the likely candidates for the acquisition. Co-op’s banking division is rooted to 1872, whilst the Group heads back to 1844. Consumer cooperatives are enterprises owned by consumers and this is the largest with 4.35 million active members. They have had upwards of 4500 locations, but there has been closures. Most people are familiar with their convenient local food stores that makes up 2500. As for banking, they had 324 branches, but now have around 95 left.


Outside of the core Co-op Bank, they have operated successfully through Smile that is an internet-only service. Despite the troubles faced over the years this has still been a big player that just sits outside the top 10 whilst Smile is also a top 20 brand in the industry. Referencing competitors is a tricky thing to do since it remains to be seen what implications will follow from the proposed sale. As far as current general performance, they have been on a similar footing to RBS who themselves had a terrible time during the crisis. Tesco has been just ahead of them and they would be expected to maintain that position.


All products are promoted on This site is where they also serve the Co-operative Bank login. This is done on the subdomain of There has been lots of praise on the quality of this mobile and tablet friendly portal. There has been an excellent current account switch offer promoted here at £110. Their loan that is available to existing customers only has a current headed rate of 4.9% whilst they have a few credit cards with the 3 Year Fixed Rate credit card being a notable release. This comes in at a reasonable 6.9%. For contact they leave the main number of 0345 721 2212. Their lines are open 6am to 10pm (7/7).

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The Co-operative Online Banking Login Rank: #12.

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