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TSB LoginOfficially TSB Bank Plc, but they are branded under the single name. The abbreviation is of Trustee Savings Bank who have roots that take us back to 1810. Most people are familiar with TSB’s name through the past affiliation with Lloyds who they merged with in 1995. There has of course now been a split with TSB’s fresh start running ahead in 2013. They are today under the control of Spain’s Banco de Sabadell S.A who were no doubt inspired by Santander’s local success. Starting over wasn’t too tricky since they took with them their branch network and sizeable customer base. There are now 4.6 million customers. There was 631 branches, but 580 is the latest count through downsizing.


TSB’s target over the years ahead will be to peel market share away from the Big Four. When we compared banking market share they did manage to take an 8th ranking spot that shows that they have already been muscling in, with much better traffic stats than RBS. They also outperformed such emerging brands as First Direct and Tesco. Success in the long term will be determined by the competitiveness of their financial products. Quality was already evident today when we spotted TSB’s Classic Plus account that delivers 3% interest on balances up to £1500 plus £5 monthly cashback. This is especially attractive now that Santander has slashed their 3% deal in half (their cap was much higher though).


The TSB login is housed at and so you won’t have to navigate off the main site. The internet banking design is matched to those of the various Lloyds Banking Group brands and so this is a good platform to inherit. Their impressive Plus account was touched on above. Just to expand on the personal loan, this is available at just 2.8% APR. Existing customers can receive same day funding whilst next day applies when banking elsewhere. For contact there are 2 main areas. For general queries call 0345 975 8758 (7/7 between 7am/11pm). Internet banking is listed as 0345 835 3844 between Monday and Friday (7am/10pm), Saturday (8am/10pm) and Sunday (8am/6pm).

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TSB Online Banking Login Rank: #8.

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