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Twitter LoginTwitter’s group of founders were Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass. The concept itself was drafted by Jack Dorsey who now serves as CEO. Evan Williams will be recognisable to many as the man behind the Blogger platform that was acquired by Google back in 2003. The formation of Twitter came in March 2006 with the launch following in July. Often thought of as “The SMS of the Internet”, this leading microblogging platform processes brief 140-character messages known as tweets. In the modern day has emerged to become the 9th most visited website, with more than 500 million users signed up, of which 332 million are active.


The key attraction for many is the accessibility to communicate and receive real-time updates from the biggest brands and most famous celebrities. Hitting 500 million users is certainly impressive, but they’d love to double up for that magic billion mark. In the social space, they are very much on the tail of Facebook who now have 1.5 billion active users. Whilst FB sits ahead, they are still attracting more visitors than other heavyweight platforms such as Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Many members stick around to keep track of breaking news and their interests, but there is no doubt that music reigns supreme on the network with the 3 most followed accounts belonging to musicians.


When entering the Twitter login you can keep track of the current trends either global or in your local region, as well checking your followers feed. If you don’t sign in then you are only restricted to not get the feed. Remaining logged in is also handy when you wish to tweet interesting content that you discover online, with most websites enabling you to do this with ease through attached share buttons. Unless you do have a large following your messages can soon fall into the abyss, with on average around 6000 Tweets being processed every second. No doubt a high proportion of this volume would be a fusion of mindless chit chat and spam.

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