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Ulster Bank Login (Ulster Bank Anytime Banking)Established in 1836 as the Ulster Banking Company and later acquired by the Westminster Bank in 1917 (who would become NatWest). This connects the dots with the RBS Group. Ulster’s customer base stands at around 1.9 million. The Group’s complete customer base is headed as 14 million (they have lost a fair few over the years). The UK is targeted through and then they have Their branch network has been struggling recently. There had been 64 branches in NI, but there are 9 closing. The ROI tally was 110, but we have again seen a noted cut (22). The branches across both parts of Ireland are clearly suffering from footfall in this modern digital era.


Whilst there is a focus on the Irish, their products are available in England, Scotland and Wales. Ulster’s banking comparison rank was 21st. They were just a spot behind First Trust Bank. This NI based firm is part of Allied Irish Banks (AIB). This is of course their main competitor, but it isn’t the only one. The Post Office didn’t compare very well that was surprising. Their banking products are issued exclusively by Bank of Ireland (you can however receive their loan from The AA). The surprise with the Post Office is that they have over 11,500 UK branches and so surely you’d expect them to be a much more popular choice with this retail edge.


The local products are pitched at You’ll see the login button at the top of the page. There is however a redirect here where you’ll be taken over to Ulster Bank Anytime Banking at This split is expected since their 2 core brands do it with NWOLB and RBS Digital. There are always lots of improvements being seen with this portal. It would be ideal though if they’d add loan management. This loan is currently packaged well at 3.9% APR. The Anytime Banking line for general queries is available 24/7 on 0345 742 4365. There is a different number when applying for an account and this is restricted to Monday to Friday (8.30am/8pm).

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Ulster Online Banking Login Rank: #21.

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