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Vanquis Login (Evanquis)Vanquis credit cards have been available since 2002. More than 2.5 million customers have being taken on since launch. This brand is part of Provident Financial who is one of the major players involved in subprime lending. In other markets they operate through the likes of GLO, Provident and Satsuma Loans. There is one central card available here that is a Visa offering pitched at 39.9% APR. Its limits run between £150 and £1000 for new customers and £3500 when accounts are managed well. Acceptance is possible with CCJs, defaults and even discharged bankruptcy. There is a cheaper rate product called Aquis that is promoted on a subdomain of the site, but this is unreachable unless you find it via an advert or search engine. They also underwrite the Black Diamond and Granite cards.


Capital One is their main competitor. This American rival has taken on 4 million people through their Classic card. The rate on that side is lower at 34.9% APR, but they only lend as much as £1500 there whilst you can access £3500 here in time. The Aquis rate just to add is 29.8%, but you’d expect them to be much more selective when it comes to past credit scoring. As well as Capital One, one of the rising names in this sector has been Aqua who have been investing lots of money in advertising in recent times that is aiding their growth. These few companies are all fighting, but there aren’t many others. This niche market has never been targeted by the banks who are all concerned with offering the lowest rates to those with clean profiles.


On reaching you’ll see the Vanquis login options of Pay My Card and Evanquis. The latter has historically been the primary management facility at that they still link to. When you get there you’ll again see the same 2 options (as pictured below). The exception here is that if Evanquis is again selected then this’ll redirect users on to the (.com) that is new. To keep things simple, we have referenced the popular ( that it appears will be treated as a gateway moving forward. Account servicing enables balance checking, viewing the latest transactions, as well as the previous 4 month statements. Payments can also be made here that makes you question the need for A difference to note is that you don’t have to register there. Simply enter the account number and some security characters and you are then logged in to pay. Their call centre is open Monday and Friday (8am/8pm) and on Saturdays (9am/5.30pm). This area is lacking to their main rival where they take calls 24 hours a day.

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