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Wonga LoginWonga sprung up in 2007 and within a few years they would go on to dominate the payday sector. It was their flexible product that helped to put them on the map, but it was the advertising and sponsorships that really took them to the next level. They had even been the kit sponsor of 3 clubs (Blackpool, Hearts and Newcastle). The brand has been expanded overseas to Canada, Poland, South Africa and Spain. Their business loan venture (Everline) has been sold on. There is no updated tally on their customer base. They did have 4 million worldwide with 1 million local, but this dropped to 575,000 when they had to write off bad debts.


Their closest payday rival is QuickQuid whilst Sunny is catching them over their extended term. The flexible repayment choices span between 1 and 35 days or you can now opt for their 3 month Flexi Loan. This sees £150 to £500 (£1500 return) whilst shorter is £50 to £400 (£1000 when returning). Just to update that in our recent loan comparison, they were as expected leading the subprime charge, but other than QuickQuid and Sunny it was clear that SafetyNet was making gains. They are another tech specialist making a name through automation (line of credit) plus their overdraft protection. SafetyNet may struggle to quite match the market leader without TV ads though.


Through the Wonga login in place at you can initiate immediate transfers that could hit your account within minutes. Decisions are automated for existing customers (assuming that there is no flag). New applicants shouldn’t have to wait too long since their team is available 7/7 between 7am and 10pm. What attracts loyalty here is the ability to choose the day and the exact amount for the loan. The sums do raise in £1 increments, but they now start from £50 (you could previously borrow from just £1 onwards). The addition of Flexi Loan has been a welcome upgrade, although it would have been ideal to see a full 1 to 90 day spread.

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Wonga Online Loans Login Rank: #3

Niche: Payday (#1), Instalment (#1).

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