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WordCounter LoginThis company is now branded as WordCounter and so we have used this spelling today. They had historically used Word Counter that made more sense since most search engine terms are made that way. This hasn’t been an issue here thus far though, with top spot rankings in Google helping to maintain their status as the leading word writing tool of the UK. Their age has naturally helped their cause. The site was started up in 2008. From checking up on the Internet Archive there was a blank WordPress page at first and then towards the end of the year they added their word counting tool. This today includes real-time word and character count plus a keyword density checker.


The high usage of is evident from impressive rankings that at this time stood at 3836 (UK) and 9472 (global). Elsewhere, is popular at 12,682 & 27,946. They provide a switch for words on to, but this isn’t that popular. Both (28,988 & 57,467) and (31,563 & 51,524) are notable competitors. Each offer real-time counting and keyword density checkers. WordCounter stands out of this bunch for their clean and lightweight design. With many years behind them now and great rankings along the way, you’d expect their market share to be way ahead as far as browser bookmarking goes. They have released a Chrome extension and within their Tools section you can test out 7 variants.


The WordCounter login unlocks a few extra features. The main one of note is Auto Save that saves whatever you’re working on automatically. It even stores multiple versions that is ideal if there is a problem with your browser (crashes or closes). Writing Goals enables you to set goals you want to work towards and even embed them in your blog. There is also a noted 20% Grammarly discount. A banner for this however shows to all visitors. They don’t display ads and so this partnership should be helping to keep them running. You can add Grammarly’s extension for free, but their Premium plans cost $11.66, $19.98 or $29.95 monthly depending on paying monthly, quarterly or annually.

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