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Yorkshire Bank Login (YBOnline)Both Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank are now operating on their own terms under CYBG Plc after the recent demerge from Australia’s NAB. Yorkshire’s history takes us back to 1859. Colonel Edward Akroyd got under way with the West Riding Penny Savings Bank. The name change went through when they celebrated their 100th year in operation (1959). They currently note 182 branches, although there has been 39 announced closures. The identify of YBOnline is used on the web and they operate on Clydesdale’s licence, but they are much more popular than their Scottish counterpart. The products across each are matched. The 3rd project in the line is B at This is a new current and savings account controlled by app.


Their local rival is Halifax. This was always a tricky competitor to compete with. They became the world’s largest building society and under a structure change have become one of the leading banks. They have 18 million customers whilst CYBG has 2.8 million. Yorkshire’s share is expected to be much greater. When studying Alexa ranks for online banking, there was a 15th ranking for and 17th for Clydesdale’s site. It was Metro who split up the 2 brands. You just wonder if they can catch up to the banks above them that included the likes of RBS, Tesco, The Co-operative and Virgin Money. The Co-op and Virgin would definitely be feasible over the next year or so.


The YBOnline login is served on the main promotional site. When heading here the portal will pop open at you. To reach it straight away you’d need to type into your browser. Their internet banking facility is built for their current account only. There is no management for credit cards or loans. For each they ask customers to pick up their phone to make requests. These products are certainly competitively packaged. Their Gold Mastercard currently heads 0% APR on purchases for 26 months. Their personal loan is set on a very enticing 3% rate that is specific on borrowings between £7500 and £15,000. 24 hour customer service is provided to users on 0800 456 1247.

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YBOnline Online Banking Login Rank: #15.

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